A POPULAR audio drama has scooped a top international award.

The Boleyn Brothers, produced, cast and recorded in Brighton, has been named Gold Drama Podcast at the 2019 New York Radio Awards.

The New York Festivals Radio Awards celebrate radio content in all lengths and formats.

Work from radio stations, networks and independent producers from around the globe is recognised and can be put up for nominations.

The annual awards ceremony was held in New York City with winners from 35 countries across the globe.

The Boleyn Brothers is a two-hour audio drama that tells the story of the West Ham Pals Battalion during the First World War.

It was released on The Other 1% podcast channel with the final episode going out on November 11 – the 100th anniversary of the end of the war.

The story centres around four friends from West Ham, London, who sign up for the Army, thinking it will be an adventure – one line from the podcast states: “It will all be over by Christmas.”

The quartet goes on to fight in some of the most horrific and deadliest battles of the First World War.

Writer Jonathan Williamson says he drew inspiration for the play from the war diary of the Battalion and although the central characters are fictitious, the timeline and many of the supporting characters come from actual events and people who took part in the battles.

The cast features nearly 20 actors, all from in and around Brighton.

The show features original music which was recorded using period instruments like the Ophicleide.

Producer Simon Moorhead said: “We wanted to create an audio drama that was authentic with a story that both West Ham Football Club and its supporters could be proud of, we also wanted to create a gripping escapade that could be enjoyed by everyone, including listeners who don’t like football.

“Broadcasters and production companies from across the globe compete in these awards, so it is an honour for our Brighton-based audio company to be awarded Best Drama Podcast by an international jury. We hope this award will raise the profile of The Other 1% podcast channel and encourage a new generation to listen to our podcast stories with attitude.”

The Boleyn Brothers podcast can be found on all good podcast websites.