A MAN said he took a car from a farm because he was worried about a dead cow.

Matthew Marsh had decided to walk from Brighton to Wales and arrived at Applesham Farm near Lancing.

He cut across a field in search of water, but found a dead cow with its calf.

Nearby he saw a Nissan Chimera with its keys in the ignition, so he decided to drive it in a bid to find a farmer responsible.

But he then found himself unable to turn around in a narrow lane, and ended up driving on the A24 near Findon.

A farmer reported the car missing and Marsh was spotted on number plate recognition cameras before being stopped by police.

At Brighton Magistrates’ Court the 30-year-old, of no fixed address, admitted taking a vehicle without consent, and driving without a valid insurance or licence.

He was ordered to complete ten rehabilitation sessions by magistrate Barbara Dart, and pay £85 court costs with an £85 surcharge.

Marsh also admitted failing to show up to court. Six points were added to his licence.