DRIVERS were left fuming after roadworks caused lengthy delays on a busy commuter route.

Congestion on the A259 Brighton seafront road means it is taking motorists almost an hour to travel between Portslade and the city centre this week.

And the work is set to continue for another month.

Roadworks in the area mean the road has been reduced to a single lane in places.

Argus news editor Kim Mayo said: “It’s traffic chaos between Portslade and the Aquarium Roundabout along the seafront.

“It’s an absolute farce.

“The journey normally takes about a quarter of an hour.

“But it took me 56 minutes to travel between the two yesterday.

“Most vehicles could not get out of first gear.

“Traffic was at a standstill for long periods.”

Yesterday morning an AA spokesman warned drivers about slow and queueing traffic in Kingsway, Brighton.

He said: “There is a traffic shift due to construction work on the A259 King’s Road at the A2010 West Street.”

The work being done in the area is to replace existing traffic lights.

A council spokesman said the repairs were necessary to ensure the road was safe for motorists.

He said: “We are very sorry for the inconvenience these works are causing, but they are essential for the safety of pedestrians and all road users.

“The current traffic signal equipment needs replacing or it will become a danger.

“We expect the work to last at least four weeks.”

Argus readers expressed disappointment over the length of the works.

One reader said: “These delays have been painful and now they will be every morning for another four weeks.”

Others responded to delays reported in the area. One said: “You should never take the seafront road at peak times unless you really need to be on the seafront.

“You can cross town much quicker via other routes.

“The timing of lights and literally constant roadworks makes the seafront impossible.”

Another reader said: “The A259 is a nightmare most days.

“Try travelling from Worthing, it’s enough to make calmer drivers shout in frustration.”

The journey between Worthing and Brighton supposedly takes 40 minutes by car, according to Google Maps.

But student Becca Torricelli commuted from Worthing and said the journey took her an hour and a half, more than double the predicted time.

Some Argus readers suggested using alternative modes of transport to travel in the area.

One encouraged drivers to invest in a cycle and said: “Get on a bike, you will fly through the traffic.”

Another reader told motorists to try walking or taking the train, while one said the bus services were a faster substitute.

He said: “It takes 18 minutes between Boundary Road and the city centre on the number one bus and there’s a bus almost every five minutes.”

An AA spokesman also warned of slow traffic in the area yesterday evening at 5.30pm.