A VEHICLE has caught fire on the A27.

One lane has been closed due to the fire on the A27 Eastbound from the A293 (Portslade / West Hove turn off, Portslade) to the Devils Dyke Road (Hove turn off at Withdean).

There are reports that traffic is not badly affected but passers by could see the vehicle well alight.

Police are yet to confirm if anybody was injured.

A passerby said: "We were crossing over the bridge from Dyke Road, Hove, to the Devils Dyke and saw thick black smoke.

”I thought maybe it was a bonfire at first but then we saw al or of cars parked up on the side of the road.

"We stopped on the side of the road and looked under the bridge onto the A27 and this car was on fire but there was not a lot left of it.

"No one seemed to be near it, cars were still driving past on the road, the police had just got there and were asking whose car it was but no one at that time knew.

"It was about 7.30pm."

Lane one was closed.