Beach Boys

Four stars

Brighton Centre, July 6

THERE may be just two of the most famous incarnation of the Beach Boys left, the group that sat down and recorded the legendary 1966 album Pet Sounds, but the spirit of America’s beloved band is still alive.

Mike Love and Bruce Johnston did a fine job of carrying the revolutionary group’s torch at the Brighton Centre, mainly thanks to a fantastic backing band that did a convincing impression of members past.

Guitarist Keith Hubacher in particular was a fantastic stand-in for the retired Brian Wilson. His rendition of “Don’t Worry Baby” transported the audience back to the band’s peak years.

The Beach Boys have always been about more than great music. Their tunes may be good to dance to, sure, but there’s something about them that gives listeners a carefree mindset.

Their songs spend most of the time worrying about cars, romance, and of course surfing, something we all wish we had more time to care about.

So to hear these sounds of the ‘60s ringing out in our modern, hectic world was wonderful.

The band’s spirit enveloped the Brighton Centre, ruthlessly snuffing out any anxiety. Some stars get old and jaded, but it was clear Johnston and Love never got sick of their music.

They thrived on stage, busting out an impromptu dance to their much loved song "Barbara Ann”.

The fact the two veterans could still get the all-seater crowd rocking and flocking to the front was as much a testament to their undying enthusiasm as it was to their incredible songwriting.

A lot of the time people couldn’t help but stand up and dance, and a lot of the time my view of the stage was blocked. But I was enjoying myself too much to care. I get the feeling a lot of the audience felt the same way.