NEW communications masts are set to be installed as Brighton prepares for the arrival of superfast mobile internet.

Two planning applications for new "base stations" to transmit the 5G signal have been submitted to the council.

One new mast will be built next to Goldstone Crescent in Hove, if the plans are approved.

Another will be built near Brighton Marina at the junction of Roedean Road and Marine Drive.

Both poles will be 20m tall – twice as tall as a lamppost and towering above the smaller masts they are set to replace.

Network providers EE and H3G are behind the proposals.

The companies said in a letter to the council: "As part of EE and H3G’s continued network improvement program they wish to upgrade the existing site to facilitate additional coverage and capacity requirements, incorporating new technologies including 5G."

One resident has already raised concerns about the Hove mast, writing: "The proposal increases the size of the structure thus having a detrimental effect on the view of the park and making a further eyesore on what is a beautiful public green space.

"It will overshadow the adjacent properties as it is much taller than the existing structure.

"It will devalue our property and those in the road because no one wants to look out of their window and see an even larger telephone mast in their eye line.

"One of the selling points of these houses is the outlook onto the park."

According to the planning application: "Base stations use radio signals to connect mobile devices and phones to the network, enabling people to send and receive; calls, texts, emails, pictures, web, TV and downloads. Without base stations, mobiles devices and phones will not work."

It adds: "The proposed increase in height is the minimum capable of providing the technological improvements sought.

"It is imperative that support is given to the introduction of 5G technology as this will allow networks to be able to handle more data and connect more devices simultaneously at much faster speeds than is possible using the existing technology.

"This will enable places to remain competitive in and will support the Government’s ambition the UK to become a world leader in 5G technology."

The Government has said it is "committed to supporting investment in high-quality, reliable digital connectivity so that communities can benefit from faster economic growth and greater social inclusion".

It said: "It essential to keep pace with growing demand for internet bandwidth and mobile data from local businesses, residents and those who visit our communities.

"We would like the UK to be a world leader in 5G, with the majority of the population covered by a 5G signal by 2027."