YOUNGSTERS showed off their creative skills and called for action on climate change.

Schoolchildren paraded around Billingshurst as part of the town’s carnival on Sunday, calling on the Government to stop using fossil fuels.

The parade also included a procession of electric cars.

Organiser Carrie Cort, of environmental group Sussex Green Living, said: “Many people see climate change as a big and scary subject and try to avoid it. It’s kind of like talking about the monster under the bed.

“Once you talk about the monster under the bed, you’re not so scared. 

“Now you’ve talked about it, and we can do something about it.

“The same applies to climate change. Climate change is in the news most days now, which is excellent.

“On June 26, Horsham District Council acknowledged a motion of strong scientific evidence and growing public concern about a wide range of damaging  environmental matters, including a climate emergency.

“Around 115 councils across the UK have announced a climate emergency.” 

Ms Cort trained with former US vice president Al Gore in climate change communications and is one of 170 Climate Reality leaders in the UK.

Sussex Green Living ran a stand at the Billingshurst show, educating carnival goers on eco-lifestyle tips.