SEVEN schoolboys have been recognised as true heroes after saving a dog.

Saltdean Primary pupils Oscar Roseblade, Lucas Street, Archie Dunkley, Jesse Lambert, Rocco Williams, Blake Ross and Kasey Bentley were playing in a park near their school when they spotted a woman in distress.

Laura Dodd’s dog had collapsed and she was distraught.

Oscar, ten, said: “I remember seeing a dog had fallen over and it was with a really upset lady.

“I remember running over with water to help cool the dog down. It was really hot.

“I think the dog had heat stroke and it was really unwell.

“I just wanted to help the dog so much.”

His friend Lucas, nine, said he felt shocked when he saw the dog on the floor.

He said: “I just wanted to get water to the dog and make sure it was OK.”

The boys spent about an hour running from the water fountain in the park back to the dog on the side of the road, refilling their water bottles each time. The dog was then taken to the vet.

Ms Dodd wrote a letter to the school explaining the situation and how distressed she was after her dog collapsed due to heat stroke.

She asked the headteacher, Natalie Burley, to recognise the boys for their efforts.

In the letter addressed to the school she said: “Six boys from your school saw how distressed I was and approached me, asking if there was anything they could do.

“They helped me cool the dog down.

“I genuinely believe without their help the dog may have died.

“These boys were brilliant ambassadors of your school and absolutely lovely people.”

Ms Dodd asked the school to reward the boys for their empathy and care.

In the letter she said she offered the boys a bit of money to thank them for helping but they refused it saying they were just happy to help.

She said: “The school and the parents of these boys should all be very proud of the way they helped and acted under pressure.

“I cannot stress enough how thankful I am for the help of these young men.”

Rocco, ten, said: “She offered to pay, but it’s not about the money is it?

“We were just really happy we saved that dog.

“It’s all about helping people.”

Archie said: “We have heard the dog is all right which makes me happy.”

Oscar’s mother Charlie Friend said she was bursting with pride when she heard about the dog rescue.

She said: “I have chatted with the other parents and we are just absolutely in awe of our boys.

“We also feel very lucky because they are all going into Year 6 together and we know that there are some really wonderful boys in that year now – it makes us feel reassured.

“A good group, respectful and responsible.”

Each parent received a letter from Mrs Burley saying: “I just wanted to write to tell you how incredibly proud of your son.

“I received an email this week from a local resident who wanted to acknowledge the help he gave in looking after her dog and keeping her alive.

“All the boys involved have received headteacher awards and they will also be mentioned as part of our community star assembly.

“I thought you would want to know what a fantastic citizen he has shown himself to be and also a great role model. “