A WOMAN has decided to give her dog cannabis to prevent her from having a heart attack when fireworks are let off.

Diana Roden, 57, lives in Lewes with her husband Ian and four-year-old staffy, Lucy.

She worries about Lucy because of her extreme fear of fireworks.

She said: “I live in Lewes and it’s really bad. We have to go away during Lewes Bonfire Night because Lucy gets so terrified. Our house shakes. She gets really stressed and jumps up and down on things panting and tries to find a corner to hide in, eyes wide.”

Diana looked for other solutions after only being offered diazepam, also used for humans to treat anxiety, or an expensive gel to rub on the dog’s leg.

After researching online, she found that a solution made from the cannabis plant called CBD oil worked well for treating dogs with fear of fireworks.

She said: “There were pages online specifically for dogs suffering during fireworks that recommended this oil which is just £10.

“I chose the weaker solution and increased the drops to three a day on her food and it definitely seems to be working.

“Normally if you hear a firework in the night you think that’s it, I am going to be up all night cradling her.

“But this time round she was just sat on the bed and did a little woof when it went off and that was it. Sometimes my husband will now pop a little drop in his tea.”

Diana said there has been no change in Lucy’s character since she has been on the treatment but she is calmer.

Shaun Davidson, who owns CBD Ethics shop in George Street, Brighton, said: “We have quite a few customers coming in asking for CBD treatment for their pets, a lot of them say it really works.”

A British Veterinary Association spokeswoman said there needs to be more research before it can fully support CBD benefits for dogs.