A PUBLIC meeting has been called to resolve a heated dispute between teachers and a council over school academy plans.

Peacehaven Co-operative Learning Trust (PCLT), which works with parents and teachers, said in an open letter it “sympathises” with those at Peacehaven Community School (PCS) who oppose the company takeover of the council-run school.

East Sussex County Council said control of the secondary school will be handed over to Swale Academy Trust within months.

But now a public meeting has been called for Tuesday at 7.30pm at Community House, in Meridian Way, Peacehaven, to discuss the school’s future.

In an open letter to parents and teachers, PCLT said the community “needs to be heard”.

It called on the county council and the school’s unelected governing body, the interim executive board, to hold another consultation for parents.

PCS teacher and National Education Union (NEU) representative Lisa Murray said she was “delighted” staff and parents will have an opportunity to comment on the academy plans.

And parent Ashvini Webster added: “Finally we feel like someone is listening to us.

“The interim executive board continues to claim that this academisation is largely supported by the Peacehaven community.

“This meeting is our opportunity to show all concerned that this is not the case.”

News of the meeting comes after ten days of strikes from Peacehaven Community School staff against the academy plans.

However East Sussex County Council has insisted the Swale takeover will go ahead.