A STUDENT has created a chair to help stop men sitting a certain way.

Laila Laurel, who has graduated from a 3D design and craft degree from the University of Brighton, has won a national prize for her chairs which prevent “manspreading”.

Manspreading is a term which describes the way men sit, often on public transport, with their legs wide apart and taking up more than one seat.

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Laila’s chair, A Solution For Manspreading, is designed so men have to sit with their legs closed, thus preventing them encroaching on others’ space.

It won the Belmond Award at New Designers in London, a major showcase of work from UK universities. The award is run by Belmond Hotels.

Laila, right, said: “I am completely shocked but very happy and honoured to have won the Belmond Award – and I am looking forward to designing with them this year.”