Riptide Wrestling: Point Break

Four stars

Brighthelm Centre, Brighton, Friday, June 5

THERE are few things in life better than when a group of wrestling fans are shocked by a surprise appearance.

Evidence of that came at Riptide Wrestling’s latest show, when a former WWE superstar came out from behind the curtain and the crowd roared in jubilation and shock.

Newcastle born wrestler PAC – who will be known to WWE fans better as Neville – made a very unexpected appearance on Point Break to take on Cara Noir in what was billed as the main event.

When the in-demand independent star emerged the crowd could not contain its excitement and the atmosphere throughout the match was nothing short of pure jubilation.

Before that match however, Riptide had once again put on a cracking night of wrestling.

Brighton wrestler Jordon Breaks had a funny and technically proficient match with Brighton Champion Chuck Mambo, fan favourite Candy Floss picked up a big win and TK Cooper and Kyle Fletcher put on a technical masterclass.

There was a sadness in the crowd as Jack Sexsmith, the wrestler known as the pansexual phenomenon, announced his retirement due to injury – at the age of just 27.

The crowd gave Jack a remarkable send off, proving how well loved he is in the industry.

The announcement added a sombre feel to proceedings but the high tempo wrestling that followed built the crowd back up.

How Riptide managed to book PAC on this show I will never know, but his appearance was proof that the company is good at providing a shock.

He and Cara had a wonderful match, followed by Cara being attacked by resident baddie Spike Trivet.

Spike and his lackeys, Shay Purser and Damon Moser, laid waste to Cara as Spike demanded a title shot at Riptide’s all ages August show.

A rollercoaster of emotions is the best way to describe this show but stories have been built going into next month’s bank holiday special – and if the weather holds out the show, at the Brighton Open Air Theatre, will certainly be a spectacle.

Jamie Walker