HOMELESS people are sleeping in disabled toilets after buying keys from Argos.

Disabled people can apply to Brighton and Hove City Council to get a “Radar key”, which allows them to open the special toilets throughout the city.

But the keys are also being sold by Argos, Amazon and a number of other outlets, without any checks.

A council spokesman said that drug users and rough sleepers were purchasing the keys, entering the toilets and on some occasions trashing them.

Now Councillor Anne Pissaridou, chairwoman of the environment, transport and sustainability committee, has branded the retailers “irresponsible”.

She said: “Argos and Amazon should stop selling Radar keys to anyone without there at least being a proper check on the person’s disability.

“The keys and disabled-only toilets are there for a reason – to allow disabled people the opportunity to use a toilet in private and with some dignity.

“It’s irresponsible of these companies, and allows non-

disabled people to use a disabled toilet to the disadvantage of genuine Radar key holders who then can’t use the toilet when needed.”

To obtain a key from the council, applicants need a doctor’s letter or both sides of their disabled Blue Badge.

But the keys are being sold with no checks.

The Argus purchased a Radar key from Argos in Western Road, Brighton, for £7.99.

The store made no checks to see if there was a need to purchase one.

We then used the key to open a number of toilets in the city.

A council spokesman told The Argus that people without a need were buying the keys, sleeping in the toilets and occasionally leaving them trashed.

Student Becca Torricelli, 20, from Worthing, who needs to use the city’s disabled toilets, said those abusing the keys were “inconsiderate” and the decision of retailers to sell them was “ridiculous”.

She said: “The people abusing these keys need to think about what they’re doing.

“It undermines the entire system.

“They need to think about the challenges we face on a daily basis.

“Being able to access a toilet is a human right.

“The fact that you can walk in without any proof and buy one is ridiculous.”

City council leader Nancy Platts, said the authority was writing to Amazon and Argos to point out the difficulties the disabled community face.

The Blue Badge company, which distributes the keys said: “We sell them in good faith that people will not abuse the system, so this is very disappointing to hear.”

An Argos spokeswoman said the company conformed to “guidelines”, but declined to comment further.