A CHEF known for creating supersized dishes has laid down an intimidating gauntlet to hungry punters.

Russell Tisbury has created Brighton’s biggest burger, burrito and hotdog and has challenged customers to finish the monstrous dishes within an hour.

The 40-year-old Hove resident said: “I don’t think it’s possible for people to complete them, no one ever has.

“People take the first bite and think they can do it because it tastes good, but by about halfway they have usually hit a wall.”

Russell has held the challenge before with the burrito and burger, which contains 48oz of ground beef, 1lb of mature cheddar, eight rashers of smoked bacon , eight sliced gherkins, one sliced red onion, salad leaves, chutney and mustard all served in a seeded brioche bun along with 1lb of fries.

This year he has also introduced a giant chilli cheese hot dog containing a 1kg sausage –specially made for the occasion by Brighton sausage roll experts Butcher Bob’s.

Russell said: “The idea initially came from Man v Food, the TV programme. It’s a good way of attracting people’s attention, a nice-looking bit of food which tastes great too.

“People are amazed when they see them. It’s not often you get to sit behind a meal of that size and there are always a lot of people taking photos.

“And they look a lot bigger in person than they do in pictures or online.”

The meals cost £45 each and have to be booked 24 hours in advance because of their size.

But any competitor who can see off one of the monstrous meals in the time limit can forego the fee.

They will be available in The Ladies Mile pub in Mackie Avenue, Patcham, until August 28, and will then be served at The Stoneham Pub and Kitchen in Portland Road, Hove, for an eight-week stint.

As well as the competitive element, Russell revealed he had another personal reason for hosting the challenge.

He said: “I have done this sort of thing before and raised a good amount of money for some really worthy causes.

“This time around I’m doing it for a local lad up in Patcham. He is four years old and the son of a good friend of mine who was diagnosed with cancer.

“He went through all the chemo and treatment and the hospital gave him the all clear.

“I helped out a little bit at the time and invited the family for a meal when he got the all clear.

“But the illness has come back in his bones now, and when I found out I knew I wanted to set something up.”

To find out more about taking part, visit the Tisbury's Kitchen at the Ladies Mile Facebook page.