This week PubSpy visited the Park View pub in Preston Drove, Brighton. It was his second visit to the imposing building and he had high hopes for the establishment.

But he also reveals he had a particularly unusual bone to pick with the pub.

So, was he won over by the newly renovated business and has he buried the hatchet on this age-old feud?

A RAMBUNCTIOUS game of five-a-side football left me rather parched.

Trying to relive my youth I had attempted an audacious Cruyff turn to escape a sticky situation in my own third.

But my failed flick would have had the Dutch legend shaking his head in shame, and left me with what doctors are calling a “somewhat knobbled knee”.

Later that evening I was hobbling my way through Preston Park when, like a mirage in an arid desert, the welcoming gates of the Park View pub sprang up in front of me.

As some of you might remember, I visited just over a year ago and had very few bad words to say about it. But I had not visited since on account of a falling out with the pub.

This differing of opinions did not see me clash with staff, nor did I ever take exception to the food and drink on offer.

But as I walked past it one evening I noted the horribly unpleasant way in which its name was emblazoned across the front of the establishment.

Call me petty if you will, but I refused to revisit the drinking hole until this foul sans font was rectified.

Fortunately, I was informed that the pub had recently undergone a My Fair Lady-like transformation and, as I walked closer, I realised that (by George, I think) they had done it. The words “Park Inn” sat proudly above the doorway in a majestic serif font. I headed inside.

I had agreed to meet Mrs PubSpy there and entrusted her to order some food and drinks for the two of us.

I found her sitting at a quaint outdoor table in the pub’s immaculate, and quite striking, beer garden.

Set on several levels – think Giant’s Causeway but with far more trestle tables and fairy lights – the outdoor space looked particularly resplendent under a pinkish-hued sunset.

As my years advance, I appear to be becoming ever more liberal with my adjectives, but in layman’s terms... this is a great pub garden.

Now I cast an eye over Mrs PubSpy’s haul. She slid a cool bottle of Corona my way as if part of some covert business deal.

I would usually lament this choice, preferring something drained from the pub’s ample number of taps.

But, as I lifted the bottle to my lips and took a swig I realised she had made the perfect choice.

The well-kept lager tasted crisp and refreshing as it glided down my gullet.

Then I saw her choice of food. A wooden slab with a range of curly cured meats, a small bowl of sun-dried tomatoes and olives and several slices of toast each topped with a dollop of pesto.

Mrs PubSpy reliably informed me it was an Italian dish called a “Calabrian Meat Board”. This appeared to be another one of her not so subtle hints that she fancied a foreign holiday some time in the very near future.

A holiday website left open on the computer, talk of learning another language, repeatedly telling me she fancied foreign holiday – I’m no Sherlock, but I was starting to get an inkling it was not a coincidence.

Nonetheless we tucked in and I was quickly impressed by the vibrant flavours on show.

A far cry from my usually beef in a bap, I found myself thoroughly enjoying the meal, with the exception of the olives – the salty testicle-esque ovals which I have long been repulsed by. The only problem was, given my parched starting position, the salt took its toll and left me gasping for something liquid.

I went inside to fetch us another couple of the Coronas, which had gone down very nicely the first time around, and was greeted by a friendly young man behind the bar.

Smiling and efficient, despite a hefty queue of thirsty workers having formed around him, he served up our tipples in no time.

We sank our beverages in the last of the sun then headed home, thoroughly impressed with the revamped establishment.

Park View

Preston Drove, Brighton BN1 6LD

Decor: five stars

The renovation is superb, blending traditional exposed brick with a newly polished finish.

Drink: four stars

Just what I needed. I will be returning to taste test their options on tap.

Price: two stars

A bit steep at £4 for the bottle.

Atmosphere: four stars

Busy and bustling on a mid-week evening.

Staff: four stars

Friendly and efficient.