CAMPAIGNERS are railing against the introduction of new superfast mobile internet, fearing two planned masts will contribute to a “damaging electromagnetic soup”.

The two 20m masts set to be installed in the city have been met with protests from the group Brighton and Hove 5G Radiation Free.

They believe radio waves coming from the masts could damage the nervous system, cause cancer, and reduce fertility.

But the NHS says there is no evidence that mobile phone networks are dangerous.

Three campaigners were collecting signatures on a petition against the plans on Wednesday morning.

They originally campaigned outside Brighton Waldorf School in Roedean Road, near the planned site of one mast, but were asked to move on by the head. The other mast is planned near Goldstone Crescent, Hove.

Campaigner Amane Alturk, from Brighton, said: “We’re worried about children, and especially people living near the masts – 5G is harmful. The symptoms we see in people exposed to harmful radiation aren’t obvious immediately, but they’re so dangerous.”

The campaigners have a chart showing the frequency of electromagnetic waves, from low-frequency radio waves to high-energy gamma rays.

It shows 5G frequency is below visible light but higher than microwaves – which the group considers to be around the threshold for human safety. The demonstrators are particularly concerned about children at nearby private schools, who they said were not protected by regulations that prohibit masts within a certain radius of state schools.

They are also concerned about ecological damage. One campaigner said: “This is having a terrible effect on wildlife. They told us the 5G waves are safe because there’s only a 2mm penetration. But if you’re an ant, that’s it.”

Research by the NHS, Public Health England, and the World Health Organisation shows mobile phone signals are safe. But the campaigners said: “This research is 20 years old and doesn’t take into account 5G.

“The same thing happened with asbestos, thalidomide, and smoking — they all told us it was safe to start with.”

The group was also concerned about new LED fittings in lampposts, which they say will be used as signal boosters for 5G, and smart energy meters, which they said create a dangerous magnetic field in the home.

They said: “People need to get out there and educate themselves.”