ONE glass of wine can make it too dangerous to drive, warn scientists.

Researchers at Sussex University said just one beverage can “compromise the feeling of being in control”.

The study focused on low doses of alcohol, typically consumed during social drinking, that do not produce a large impairment of behaviour.

Although there is no standard amount of alcohol someone can drink to stay within the legal limit, some may think they can get away with one glass of wine or a pint. But the study suggests one tipple can be too risky.

Scientists said the law should be reformed to mean people driving with any alcohol in their blood should be punished.

Dr Silvana De Pirro, who was involved in the research, said measuring sense of control was difficult because it was not possible to rely on self-reporting of how “in control” people feel.

Researchers relied on a measure called “intentional binding”, which refers to a person’s judgement of time and actions.

It is believed to be produced by the same mechanisms in the brain as their sense of control. Researchers found when people had a small drink their perception of the time between an action and its consequence got shorter.

They did not say whether people were likely to make decisions too soon or too late, or to make the wrong ones, but that the rising sense of feeling in control could make them over confident when driving and more likely to make dangerous decisions.The study involved 59 people who drank an amount of alcohol adapted to their body weight.