A SCANTILY-clad  woman who ran off with a police radio after escaping from an officer’s grasp has walked free from court.

Gemma Jackson, 36, was caught on video tussling with a lone policeman on top of the Somerset Day Centre in Kemp Town before she jumped from a roof to evade capture.

Jackson’s top came off in the struggle, exposing her breasts to shocked onlookers as she dangled from the rooftop railing at about 6pm on Thursday.

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After dropping to the ground below, the woman of no fixed address, can be seen scrambling to put her clothes back on and collecting her belongings from the floor.

She then grabbed the officer’s radio which had been thrown to the ground in the commotion and started walking away.

Neighbours can then be heard shouting “run, here he comes” before the woman picks up the pace as she makes a desperate bid for freedom in her underwear.

By the time the officer reached the ground floor, the woman was nowhere to be seen.

Shortly afterwards, he can be seen retreating to his patrol car.

One amused neighbour said: “She managed to get away then about seven cars turned up.

“All the officers were running around looking for her like headless chickens.”

After running away from the officer, Jackson has now walked free from court.

She was arrested and charged with resisting arrest and theft of a police radio and appeared at Brighton Magistrates' Court on Friday.

She pleaded guilty to both offences and was given a four-week prison sentence suspended for 12 months.

She was also ordered to pay £115 victim surcharge costs and £85 court costs. 

A Sussex Police spokeswoman said: “Police were called to a report of an intruder who had gone into a flat in Lavender Street, Brighton, at 5.40pm on Thursday.

“A woman had climbed from a window onto a balcony area.

“When an officer went to detain her, she struggled away and his police radio fell off.

“He was concerned she was going to fall and grabbed her arm. 

“However she jumped away into car park below, picked up the radio and ran off. 

“She was arrested a short time later and taken to custody. The radio was recovered.”