AS MANY Sussex residents prepare to jet off on a summer holiday, advice has been issued on what to do in the event of a terror attack.

Sussex Police are advising people to watch "Run, Hide, Tell International", an instructional video launched by Counter Terrorism Policing.

Assistant chief constable David Miller said: “The chances of being caught up in a terror attack are incredibly small, but we know that people like to know how to react should the worst happen.

“We want the residents of Surrey and Sussex to think of this in the same way they do the safety film on airlines, a sensible safety precaution that they will likely never have to use, but one that could still save your life or the lives of others.”

In 2015 there was a terror attack near Sousse in Tunisia in which a gunman opened fire on a group of tourists, killing 38 people.

Since this incident, Counter Terrorism Policing has “increased its international footprint significantly”.

Security minister, Ben Wallace MP, said: "Terrorist attacks are thankfully very rare and it is extremely unlikely that British tourists will be caught up in one whilst away on holiday.

"Nevertheless they do happen and it is important that we all ensure that we are aware of the threat and are as prepared as possible.

"I ask that holidaymakers take a minute before they travel to watch the Run, Hide, Tell film which offers practical advice and could end up saving their lives should the worst happen. 

"I also urge everyone to read the full details of their travel insurance to ensure that they are appropriately protected."