A CONMAN who fleeced people by selling fake watches has been put under new bankruptcy restrictions.

Jamie Thorpe sold counterfeit Rolex watches while trading as Ludgate Watches out of a farm near Lewes, where he was a tenant.

But he was caught when an angry eBay customer complained to West Sussex Trading Standards officers.

They seized more than £100,000 worth of goods, and further investigations revealed he had made more than £650,000 from unwitting purchasers.

Thorpe, 35, was sentenced to a one-year suspended prison sentence after admitting selling counterfeit goods.

An investigation under the Proceeds of Crime Act then seized £28,000 worth of his assets.

He filed for bankruptcy, and last month signed a further set of restrictions for the next eight years at Brighton County Court.

Previously the prosecution was brought against Thorpe, now of Portland Street, Brighton, after a complaint was raised in December 2014.

Lewes Crown Court heard he sold a fake luxury watch for £2,425 and even tampered with official Rolex warranty booklets.

Prosecutors said Thorpe sold watches masquerading as Rolex, Omega and Swatch brands.

Computer files seized also showed evidence Thorpe forged Rolex documents to make the fakes appear genuine.

The Argus went to ask Thorpe if he had anything to say to his victims, but he drove off in a Range Rover.

He received the suspended sentence and was ordered to complete 180 hours of community service in June 2017.

Experts then started the financial investigation, and in February last year £28,000 was seized under a confiscation order.

He was also made bankrupt for failing to pay the correct taxes.

Now the Insolvency Service said the bankruptcy restrictions will apply for the next eight years, as Thorpe’s offences were so serious.

He will not be able to borrow more than £500 without disclosing his status, and he cannot act as a company director without court permission.

Insolvency Service official receiver Liesl Cook said: “Eight years of extended bankruptcy restrictions is a significant result.

“It serves as a clear warning to others attempting to deceive customers, that, when you are caught, we will seriously curtail your activities.”