A SCHOOL was placed on lockdown as armed police stormed the car park and arrested two men, police have confirmed.

The incident happened at Bevendean Primary School earlier this morning.

Leanne Smith, whose relative attends the school, said: "She was ushered into the school with teachers in a panic, telling parents to hurry up and leave as they had to get kids in and lock all the doors.

"When I found out I was extremely concerned for my family." 

A Sussex Police spokesman said: "Sussex Police have arrested two men in the car park of a Brighton primary school.

"Officers followed a vehicle of interest, following the report of the theft of a motocross bike from Stanmer Park in the early hours of this morning into the car park of Bevendean primary school.

The Argus:

"Two men inside the vehicle were detained by police, which included armed officers.

"There were no reports of any injuries and the suspects did not enter the school buildings.

"Armed officers were among the units available to attend and threats had been made to the owner of the motocross bike."

The school said it will not be commenting at this time.

But it issued a letter to parents following the incident, signed by the headmaster Martyn Giddens.

He said: "As many of you will be aware, we had an incident involving the police in our car park this morning.

"Because of this, we followed our lockdown procedures to ensure that all children were safe and secure within the school.

"These procedures worked well and we did our best to make sure that our children did not feel scared or uneasy.

"We would like to reassure you that everything quickly returned to normal. There were no injuries and the school week continues as normal.

"Sussex Police have told us that they have arrested two men in connection with this incident.

"We are grateful to the police for their swift response and for not disrupting the school community and more than was necessary."

There were also armed police in Eastbourne Road, Brighton, less than a mile from the school.

The Argus:

A witness said: "Police closed off our road.

"At about 8.30am there were five marked cars and three unmarked, all police.

"They had massive guns and they blocked the roads in and out of area."

Earlier today nearby Bear Road was closed after a police car crashed into a pedestrian.

Sussex Police have confirmed that the collision in Bear Road, Brighton, earlier today did involve a police unit responding to this incident.

The Argus:

The pedestrian suffered serious leg injuries and has been taken to hospital. 

It is believed the car crashed into a wall near Riley Road.

An air ambulance has taken off nearby.

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