ON THIS day ten years ago The Argus went to meet people at the learning centre on their way to the Special Olympics. We also met the woman who has designed a new eco-friendly car for herself. And we had a magical experience meeting some dedicated Harry Potter fans.

Mayor Ann Norman (left) and Guy Lloyd (centre) who donated over £2,000 from Juice FM to the team at the Grace Eyre Centre, who were going to the Special Olympics

Mayor Ann Norman meets people at the Grace Eyre Centre, Hove, ahead of the Special Olympics

Members of the team were excited to go to the Special Olympics

Next up is Claire Potter who created the Green Bean Trailer, which is an eco-friendly caravan

The Green Bean trailers are designed to the customer’s own car preferences and take into account their taste in interior

Here Claire is at Devil’s Dyke with her own car

And Harry Potter Fans had their own screening of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince at Brighton’s Odeon cinema after the cinema messed up their tickets

Ever committed to the cause these wizarding fans all dressed up appropriately, but maybe the guys on each end were seeing a different film