“THE pub will retain its name,” that is the message to concerned patrons of a boozer that is soon to be taken over.

The Argus previously revealed that The Battle of Trafalgar, in Guildford Road, Brighton, will be closed temporarily in November after more than 34 years in business.

The pub, which is currently being leased out to Mel Heath, will be taken back by the EI Group, the company that owns it, for them to run themselves.

There had been concerns from regular patrons of the pub that the watering hole could lose its identity as an old fashioned business following the takeover.

One set up a petition to “save” the pub from being given back to the group that owns it.

The fears are that the pub will lose its identity, with rumours that it is to become a “sports bar”.

The petition has amassed more than 3,000 signatures since it was started.

However, EI Group has now claimed there are no plans to change the pubs identity and that the ownership will be the only major difference come November, when the lease ends.

A statement from EI Group said: “We can confirm we will be taking back the Battle of Trafalgar when the lease comes to an end in November, as per the terms of the agreement set out at the start of the contract with the current publican.

“We would like to reassure members of the local community that the pub will retain its name and that we are committed to ensuring that this site remains an attractive and thriving pub at the heart of the local community.

“The site will shut for a short period of time while it undergoes modest renovations, which will stay true to its current character.

“We have no intentions of showing sport at the venue, and very much look forward to welcoming customers new and old into the pub, to enjoy a refreshing food and drink offer when we reopen.”

The lease is officially up on November 28 but Mel said the company may choose to take it back from her sooner in order to start refurbishment work.

The woman who set up the petition page, Lizzi Humphries, said that the pub is “part of the community” and that the clientele are all locals who love the area.

Meanwhile Mel has said that after 14 years at the helm she will be sad to leave the pub.

She added that her patrons are still unsure of what changes will actually be made to the pub.

She said: “I didn’t think they would change the name, I think The Battle will always stay The Battle.

“But the pub hasn’t changed at all for a good 30 years.

“The takeover has left a lot of fear in our patrons.

“My customers would like to hear that even if it’s not a sports bar that there will be no TV screens.

“I knew my lease was expiring but that doesn’t mean I don’t care what happens to my pub.”