A HOAXER called the police to tell them bombs had been placed around the city.

Mark Wilkinson claimed to be from a Loyalist paramilitary group and to have placed devices throughout Brighton.

He told the police: “I’m from the UDA, there are various bombs throughout Brighton, I’m going to have some fun.”

But police traced the call, which 46-year-old Wilkinson had made on his mobile phone, back to a hostel in Oriental Place, Brighton.

Wilkinson was played a recording of his phone call and admitted it was him, but said he could not remember making it.

The alcoholic claimed someone had spiked his drink.

At Brighton Magistrates’ Court he admitted communicating false information by making a bomb hoax.

Martina Sherlock, prosecuting, said Wilkinson made the call shortly after midnight on July 4.

She said: “Police received a phone call from a person who said he was a member of the UDA.

“He said various explosives were placed around Brighton. He also said he was going to have some fun, and said it was a coded message before ending the call.

“Police traced the number to the defendant.”

Officers went to his hostel in Oriental Place, where he had dozed off. 

Ms Sherlock added: “He told officers he was sorry for his actions, he did not want to bomb Brighton or cause anyone any harm.”

Wilkinson has been convicted of 11 previous offences, including for telephone calls and for wasting police time.

Richard Frank, defending, said, Wilkinson has battled alcoholism and is currently engaging with the Pavilions service in Brighton.

He previously completed an 11-day detox programme, but relapsed back into drinking when he was surrounded by other alcoholics and drug users.

Mr Frank said: “He has mental health difficulties with bi-polar disorder and post traumatic stress disorder. He has chronic liver problems, he is not a well man.”

Wilkinson had made the phone call using his own mobile phone late at night, and believed his drink had been spiked.

But Mr Frank said it was not as serious as other bomb hoaxes which have forced authorities to shut airports, shopping centres, and schools by other defendants.

He asked for a pre-sentence report from the probation service to be completed before Wilkinson is sentenced at a hearing on August 13.