THE county’s “Doctor Doolittle” helped save an injured seal from the beach.

Roger Mussell, 75, who runs a wildlife centre from his home in Woodingdean, was called to Rottingdean beach on Wednesday.

A young common seal had been spotted by customers from nearby Molly’s Café, who rang the unpaid volunteer for help.

Roger said: “It was just a bit along from the cafe and was by the groyne in a nice, sheltered position.

“It was just on the beach, I went up really close.

“You have to be careful, they look cute but they can be aggressive and vicious.

“I was a bit concerned about the left-hand front flipper which looked out of place.

“It also seemed very tired.”

After inspecting the animal, Roger made contact with the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) in Uckfield.

The charity then sent its rescue team along to the beach to capture the animal.

Roger added: “This is my second time being called to a seal, we don’t get many, but when they are spotted I pass them on to those who know best.

“I like getting involved but I don’t have the facilities for seals.”

The BSMLR team used a specialised stretcher, which wraps around the seal and protects rescuers from being bitten.

It was then taken to Mallydams, a rescue centre in Hastings, for checks and rehabilitation.

A BDMLR spokeswoman said: “It was quite small and weak, but it was still a little bit feisty.

“The seal was very underweight and its mother did not seem to be anywhere nearby.

“It seemed alright, there were no obvious injuries, but it was very underweight and will need food monitoring over the next few days.

“It has been picked up by a rehab centre in Hastings where it will be looked after and released once it is healthy enough.”

The charity has warned not to approach any seal should you see them on the beach.

It recommends you make contact with them, so the team can assess the situation and dispatch a crew if needed.

The spokeswoman added: “They can be feisty so stay well clear.

“You can contact us on 01825 765546.”

In June, the beloved Shoreham Seal died during treatment, leaving many heartbroken.

The common seal, which had been named Floss, evaded capture from rescuers for months. Once it was finally rescued, it was found to be suffering from a parasite. It sadly died during treatment.