THE horrible experiences of Hove actor Charmaine Parkin with the Universal Credit benefits system shows serious change is needed.

Our newspaper has run multiple stories on how its recipients are suffering, from self-employed yoga teachers threatened with homelessness to the rising number of residents forced to use food banks to feed themselves.

The system was intended to simplify the Government’s many different benefits and provide each recipient with the help they need.

But it is clear that aim has failed, and change needs to come.

Unlike previous issues with benefits, when recipients often had trouble getting the payments they were entitled to, those in need seem to be getting the payments they are supposed to.

But the issue now is these payments are just not enough to cover rent, food, and bills.

The minimum six-week wait for Universal Credit payments that every recipient must go through also does not help.

If someone is desperate enough to be in need of this money, how will they make ends meet for a month and a half?

Of course, applicants can get loans to cover this six-week period.

But they must pay back this debt, meaning future payments will go straight from their bank account back to the Government again.

Benefits and social security has always been a tough issue, as there are many approaches a government can take to look after its citizens.

But it is clear Universal Credit is not working for a lot of people, and that needs to change quickly before more residents are hurt.