1. Start on Fords Green Road, off High Street (A22) in Nutley, opposite the Nutley Arms pub. Walk along it away from the A22 with the recreation ground on your left. Follow the track past the playground as it arcs around to the right. Soon it meets a lane, turn right and in 20 yards take a footpath on the left along a gravelled driveway. Pass to the left of a hedge end as you pass by a property called Prickets Hatch and on to the right of a pond. Beyond, the path continues on grass with a hedge on the right and a fence on the left. Follow this track as it goes into woodland where it starts to veer left downhill.

Follow the footpath through the wood (Hollybush Wood). In about 300 yards cross over a wider access track and continue through woodland. In about a further 400 yards the track weaves its way right to a footbridge.

2. Soon after this, cross over a wide trackway, ignoring left and right, and continue up another wide path opposite. In 50 yards take a footpath to the left up a narrow gully which steepens as you go.

Near the top is a disused gate. Continue on to a grassed path with hedgerow to the left and a fenced-off field to the right. Follow this track for 600 yards. It will bend right to pass a barn and on to Bell Lane with Woolpack Farm to the left. (On the way back you will return here).

3. Proceed straight on opposite down a tarmac drive with steep banks either side. After 150 yards the route will bend to the left passing Stephens Farm on the right. Continue, as the surface becomes grassed and the area more wooded.

As you start to enter Sheffield Forest you pass over a stile with a vehicle barrier to the left. At the first junction take a footpath downhill to the right, now walking in thick forest with tall conifers. In about 500 yards reach the outside bend of an access track and continue left uphill. In about 300 yards as the ground flattens turn right at a Y-junction.

4. Then, after about 30 yards find the entrance to a footpath in the trees on your right. Unfortunately, it is not clearly marked. This is where you leave the Sussex Diamond Way (SDW) and begin your return before re-joining it later. You will go downhill through pine trees.

Ignore a path to the left and continue over a stream and go upwards. Somewhere to the right near a trackway is supposedly the site of a former charcoal platform. When you later reach another Y-junction take the right fork. Stay on this route as it meanders through trees.

It will later emerge on a wide access track where you turn left. Follow this for 450 yards until, about 50 yards after a clearing on both sides, find the entrance to a footpath in the trees on your right.

5. Again, it is not way-marked but you should soon see a footbridge ahead. After this, head up to a stile. It leads out to the left of paddocks and stables. Further on continue ahead on a lane.

In 500 yards go over a stile to the left of a gate and into Bell Lane. Turn right. In 200 yards reach point three again. Turn left to re-join the SDW and retrace your steps to the start via points three, two and one. To do this, follow the wide track and down the gully section. Turn right, cross the track and enter woodland via a footbridge (point two). After more woodlands cross the access track and continue ahead in woodland. Follow it back to Prickets Hatch and the lane. Turn right and then left on to Fords Green Road which will take you back to the start.