Every year women across the city vie to be crowned Miss Brighton, with the honour of representing the city as the main prize. The winner is expected to make public appearances and put the city and herself across in the best possible light.

Jamie Walker meets this year’s Miss Brighton hopefuls and sees what the city can expect from each one, should they win the crown.

1. Bethany Walker

The Argus:

Age: 22

From: Brighton

Occupation: Mental Health Care Worker

Sponsor: Shooshh

Bethany said: “I’m not a typical beauty pageant kind of girl, so I’ve always been a bit hesitant to go for these sorts of things.

“I decided to enter Miss Brighton for the first time back in 2017, it really changed me as a person and I absolutely loved it. It’s great meeting so many other girls who have the same goals as you, who support one another to grow.

“Miss Brighton gives us a chance to find our personalities, our strengths and our weaknesses as young women. It pushes us out of our comfort zones and teaches us we are all beautiful inside and out.”

2.Christina Loizou

The Argus:

Age: 23

From: Shoreham

Occupation: Solicitors’ Receptionist

Sponsor: friends and family

Christina said: “My aim in life is to to make sure nobody I come across is alone and helpless. I want to pass on this message to everyone and reassure people that there is always someone there to help.

“At the moment I am running my own Facebook advice page about bullying. It has help and advice lines on it and very soon I will be starting the foundation plans for my own charity for women and men who are getting bullied and want help.”

3. Marra Louise Murphy

The Argus:

Age: 25

From: Woodingdean

Occupation: Pharmaceutical scientist

Sponsor: Baqueano Argentine Grill and Cuisine

Marra said: “I feel like each woman is unique in their own way and each deserves to wear the crown.

“For me, I am driven by my passion about being a good role model, especially to younger girls, so therefore I aim to use this as a platform in hope of bringing positivity, confidence and inspiration to others.”

4. Danielle Evans

The Argus:

Age: 22

From: Hove

Occupation: Creative designer and marketing student

Sponsor: Sam Church Hair Salon

Danielle said: “I chose to enter Miss Brighton because I love that it gives me the opportunity to meet some inspirational people and raises money for amazing causes.

“I moved to Brighton ten months ago, after gaining a scholarship to study at The University of Brighton’s Business School. During this time, I have met some amazing people.

“I have never felt more accepted and loved in one place. I love the culture, the people, and all its little quirks – why wouldn’t you want to represent Brighton?”

5. Brittanny Sullivan

The Argus:

Age: 22

From: Brighton

Occupation: Child and youth worker

Sponsor: friends and family

Brittanny said: “I decided to enter because I had seen the previous competitions on social media, so I wanted to research what it was all about. When I found out that Miss Brighton does so much amazing work for great charities I wanted to be a part of it.

“I love helping people and also wanted to experience something new and make some new friends and memories along the way.”

6. Holly Hoskison

The Argus:

Age: 20

From: Brighton

Occupation: Drama student

Sponsor: Brighton Institute of Contemporary Theatre Training

Holly said: “The primary reason I entered is to raise awareness for mental health issues among young people and performers. By being a finalist, I have already been blessed with this opportunity and I am so grateful.

“I want to reach out to others who are suffering by sharing my experience and reassuring them, they are not alone.

“My mission is to help the people of my community feel secure and happy within themselves and I am going to give it my absolute best shot to do so.”

7. Rachel English

The Argus:

Age: 22

From: Brighton

Occupation: Home stay coordinator at EF Brighton

Sponsor: Brake

Rachel said: “I have lived in Brighton ever since I was born and feel incredibly proud to call this city my home. I’m sure everyone will agree that Brighton is one of the most accepting, welcoming and beautiful cities they have ever been to.

“As a child I was never deprived of activities to participate in around Brighton, so I want to ensure that the children of 2019 feel the same way I did. I’d like to arrange and promote more activities for them to attend.

“I want to open up more opportunities and support for the homeless and less fortunate so everyone has a better chance at life. I would be so proud to represent this city as a true Brightonian and be a voice for others ideas and hopes for Brighton.”

8. Emene Ben Selma

The Argus:

Age: 23

From: Brighton

Occupation: NHS nursing assistant

Sponsor: Phoenix Beauty Spa

Emene said: “My aim would be to remove the stigma that beauty is based on physical appearance. A huge pressure has been created by the media to look a certain way, celebrities continue to promote an unrealistic image of beauty which the public now view as perfection.

“However, I think it is important to educate individuals that images published are not realistic idols due to photo editing and beauty enhancing treatments and surgeries.”

9. Paloma Shemirani

The Argus:

Age: 18

From: Uckfield

Occupation: Languages student

Sponsor: Genesis Healing

Paloma said: “I believe that I stand out from the rest of the competitors because of my dedication to not only glamour, but also my academic studies.

“In this ‘Me Too’ era, I think it is more important than ever that women are seen not simply for their outer beauty, but for their far more profound beauty within.”

10. Isabelle Brouder

The Argus:

Age: 20

From: Newhaven

Occupation: Teaching assistant

Sponsor: Sussex Business Class

Isabelle said: “I think what sets me apart is that I’m not looking for the spotlight, I’m not really even looking to win (although that would be nice).

“I want to show that anyone can do what they want, it’s about empowering yourself and others even when you’re in competition. It’s about growing as a person, and I think I’m different from the other finalists because this is my personal empowerment journey.”

11. Saxona Grace Woolgar

The Argus:

Age: 22

From: Lancing

Occupation: Secondary school drama teacher

Sponsor: S.G. Plumbing and Heating

Saxona said: “Being a teacher has taught me how to be a strong role model for the younger generation and that is what I set out to do during my Miss Brighton journey.

“Winning would give me big opportunities to promote all the charity work that is in the city as well as the continuing show of awareness and understanding of the LGBT+ community.”

12. Ashleigh Higgs

The Argus:

Age: 25

From: Horsham

Occupation: Passenger service agent at Gatwick

Sponsor: Calla Derma Beauty and Aesthetics

Ashleigh said: “I entered Miss Brighton this year because a couple of years ago I also took part and had the best fun and met some of the most amazing girls.”