ON THIS day ten years ago The Argus went to the Brighton Dome to be part of the celebrations as Sussex University students graduated. There was also a new, and familiar, celebrity name appointed to the role of chancellor of the university

Actor and comedian Sanjeev Bhaskar appeared at Sussex University graduation at the Brighton Dome

Sanjeev was being named the new chancellor of the university

The actor, best known for his role in Goodness Gracious Me, was delighted to receive the honour

Now let's meet some of the graduates.

Sussex University students gather outside the Brighton Dome to celebrate their graduation

The years of hard work had paid off for these students and they had a chance to celebrate before taking to the big, wide, world of a post-grad

First up is Polly Russell and her housemate Francine Gorman

Polly then joined fellow graduates Jack Ashman, and Jez Fredenburgh for a tip of their caps

Here are Brian and Cheryl Carr with their daughter Laura who they are incredibly proud of