A CUDDLY fictional creature has taken a break from collecting rubbish to defend the honour of his species.

Former Apprentice contestant Katie Hopkins unleashed a foul-mouthed rant at Eastbourne Borough Council earlier this month after it banned her from speaking at a venue in the town.

In this outburst the 44-year-old branded the council members c***wombles.

Now one Womble has spoken out after hearing the controversial speaker use his species’ name in vain.

Marcus Robertson, 63, son of author Elisabeth Beresford, who created The Wombles in the 1960s, contacted The Argus to pass on a message from the leader of the pointy-nosed litter pickers.

The note, signed “sincerely, Bulgaria Coburg Womble”, said: “As you know, Wombles are always respectful of each other and even of human beings, despite their occasional habits of leaving rubbish lying around.

“It was therefore sad to read that an offensive word had been used in connection with the Wombles and the great work that is done by Eastbourne council.

“I am reliably informed by cousin Beachy, the head of your local burrow, that the job of his burrow is a lot easier than it is in many parts of the world.

“We always regard Eastbourne residents and council workers with fondness and gratitude. Wombles would never approve of any use of profane language and are sorry that you were forced to endure it in our name.”

Mrs Hopkins had been due to speak at the Ukip South East regional one-day conference at the council-owned Welcome Building in Eastbourne. But the council banned her from the venue saying she was a public safety hazard.

This caused the former radio host to lash out on social media.

She said: “Eastbourne Council say I am a public safety hazard. Best get your yellow vests and hard hats on you utter c***wombles. It will take more than willy waving your tiny chipolatas to silence Katie Hopkins.”

Mr Robertson said that this sort of language would “never cross a Womble’s lips.”

He said: “My mother often used to reply to things as Uncle Bulgaria. He had the wisdom to look past human folly.

“The character was based on my grandfather, every Womble was based on a family member.

“The whole point of Wombles was that they cleared up behind humans.

“In Wimbledon they went and picked up the rubbish that everyday folk left behind and this would be recycled.

“Given that this was invented in the 1960s, she was miles ahead of her time.

“Great Uncle Bulgaria would never have a view on politics. I am distancing him from her as a politician.

“What he would have a view on is the language she used.

“We are sorry that the council has had to have a swear word thrown at them as Wombles would never swear.”

Despite her ban Mrs Hopkins still travelled to the town and delivered a speech at an under-the-radar event in which she, again, slammed Eastbourne council’s “cowardly” ban.