AN OWNER has described the horrifying moment her beloved cat was mauled by two Jack Russells, leaving the pet with horrific injuries.

The “frenzied attack” on the 11-year-old moggy, Mabel, happened at about 3pm in Halyburton Road, Hove, a week ago yesterday.

Devastated owner Liz Bourne, 59, has spoken out about the five-minute attack which left Mabel critically injured and with her life in the balance.

She said: “My daughter was outside and my cat was sunbathing on the drive as they do when the weather is nice.

“Then this woman walked past with two Jack Russells and they pulled her onto the drive and pounced on the cat who had no chance of getting away from them.

“One of them had the cat at one end and the other had the cat at the other end. It was absolutely horrific.

“All I could see was this little white thing while they were pulling and tugging”.

Ms Bourne was so shaken up, she began to have an asthma attack while her daughter and neighbours attempted to fight the dogs off.

She said: “My daughter was kicking the dogs then a neighbour came down with a metal stick.

“Then we threw a bucket of water over them but they still didn’t stop. It just carried on and on for what seemed like ages.

“The owner was just standing ther.

“It was horrific, there was blood everywhere.

“I’m not sure how it ended but someone grabbed the lead and slung one around.

“Eventually they dropped Mabel, and then ran off.”

Pictures taken moments after the attack show the Jack Russells covered in blood.

The owner, who eventually led them away, is yet to be identified.


Mabel was eventually found in a neighbour’s garden having sustained horrific injuries.

She was said to be “terrified” and in a great deal of distress.

Ms Bourne said Mabel’s “tummy was hanging down”.

Th cat was imminently taken to the vets for checks.

She said that vets are currently “clutching at straws” in an attempt to save the moggy’s life.

He now is unable to urinate without a catheter and the family believe the chances of survival are at best “50-50”.

The council does not investigate dog on cat attacks unless the owner is alleged to encourage dogs to behave in this way.

A Brighton and Hove City Council spokeswoman said incident had not been reported to them.