COMMUTERS have thrown their support behind a “joyous” new addition to a rail company’s fleet.

The strikingly designed “Trainbow” arrived at Brighton station for the first time on Friday to a round of applause from passengers and Govia Thameslink Railway staff.

Many passers-by stopped to take photos of the 12-carriage train, which has a rainbow stripe down the side as well as a series of multi-coloured hearts.

Mark Collins and his partner Phil Simpson were two of the first people to travel on the train.

The 35-year-old said: “When it was pulling up at the station I thought ‘what on earth is that coming towards me?’

“I think it’s amazing and am so glad that it’s out there, we should have more colours like this on the trains. I’m out and proud myself and I’m really happy to see that the company is doing their bit.”

This year GTR will have its first float in the Brighton and Hove Pride parade which will carry members of the company’s LGBT+ network. Driver Laura McDonald is a member of the group and said she “squealed with delight” the first time she drove past the “Trainbow”.

The 36-year-old said: “I think it’s the best thing ever, I absolutely love it.

“I’m so proud to work for a company that supports Pride and this cause as a whole, I’ve never been part of a company which has done something like this before.

“There have been some negative comments about it, people saying ‘oh, it’s just another company jumping on the corporate bandwagon’.

“But the company is actively and visibly showing its support. I’m just absolutely gutted that it’s a Thameslink train, so working for Southern I won’t get to drive it.

“But I did drive past it and found myself clapping and squealing, it’s just so pretty.”

The train’s unique look was the brainchild of GTR’s design and content apprentice Maggie Luckhurst.

The 21-year-old said: “Our theme for our Pride float is connecting people and places so I made the multi-coloured heart look like a train map.

“I wanted the front of the train to look like it had gone through a a giant can of rainbow paint, if such a thing existed.

“I’m also part of the LGBT+ group in GTR so I was really excited to do this.

“The response has been really good as well and there has been a lot of positive feedback.

“Even if you aren’t the biggest fan fan of our train service, people have been saying ‘credit where it’s due, it’s good to see support for the community’.”