A TAROT card reader with an uncanny track record has foreseen who the next Prime Minister will be.

In 2015, fortune teller Jayne Braiden spooked a killer into confession.

When Star Randel-Hanson came for a tarot reading, he burst into tears after drawing the death card — and admitted stabbing his 70-year-old flatmate Derick Marney.

Thanks to Jayne’s help, he is serving a life sentence for murder.

She now boasts the only set of tarot cards to have been used in a crown court.

But what can they reveal about the Tory leadership election?

Party members have received their ballots, the 1922 committee is gearing up to announce the result on Tuesday, and Jayne has turned her cards and crystal ball to the contest.

Jayne fanned ten tarot cards over the tabletop at her seafront parlour on Brighton’s Madeira Drive.

Among them, the death card — a purple, skeletal figure wielding a scythe.

“The murderer broke down when he drew this one,” Jayne said. “But it also means abrupt change, clearing away the old to make way for the new. Whoever wins is going to get us out of the EU.”

“But,” she said, tapping a card titled ‘The Six of Coins’, “it’s going to cost us.”

“This card means a sharing of wealth. Leaving the EU will come at a price.

“There’s something else, too: the veiled figures on this card represent the East. Whoever wins is going to look to the Orient for trade.”

At a Chatham House speech on Wednesday, outgoing PM Theresa May reiterated the UK’s ambition to forge strong economic ties with China. Could this be what Jayne meant?

“Here’s Theresa May herself,” Jayne said, her hand alighting on a card called ‘The Empress’. It shows a stately figure perched on a pink throne. The empress wears a troubled expression. Her characteristics, the card says, include ‘inaction” and ‘loss of material possessions’.

“That’s her,” Jayne said. “No doubt about it. But look how dignified she is: she keeps her lips pursed to the bitter end.”

Jayne slid the card to the edge of the tabletop: May is out of the picture.

Though she professes to know nothing about politics, Jayne has a knack for recognising an MP when she sees one in the cards.

She spotted Jeremy Corbyn instantly in the character of ‘The Hierophant’, a bearded priest. Jayne said: “He’s a preacher. He has good intentions, but he shouldn’t be in politics.”

Jayne then held up two cards, one for each leadership contender.

There was no room for hocus pocus here: no flickering candles or dark forces drawing close. Any inkling of the occult was dispelled by Jayne’s tabletop fan blowing a cool breeze through the booth’s colourful drapes.

“Now,” Jayne said with a big grin, “is there a figure in all this who’s a born leader?”

She turned over a card titled ‘The Emperor’.

“This man is very accomplished. Is there someone with natural leadership and conviction? He would make a very good Prime Minister. Another Jeremy. Jeremy…”


“Yes,” Jayne said. “That’s him. And along with parliament, he’s going to cause some trouble for the new leader — but he’s not going to be Prime Minister. No…”

Jayne closed her eyes and paused. She picked up a card called ‘The Knight of Wands’. It stands for ‘a journey into the unknown’.

“It’s Boris”, she said. “Johnson’s going to be the next Prime Minister.”

It’s confirmed. Bookies and now fortune teller’s favourite Boris Johnson will be Britain’s new leader.

But Jayne had another premonition up her sleeve. She flicked up a fearsome card blazoned with two dogs howling at the heavens, two castles, and buried beneath them, a bright orange scorpion. The moon card.

“It won’t be plain sailing,” she warned. “There are secret plots ahead.”

The card is labelled ‘deception, trickery, dishonesty, danger, error, bad influence, insincerity, false friends, deceit, double dealing’. All this, Jayne said, is on the horizon.

There are strange rumblings ahead.

Johnson and Hunt were contacted for their verdict on the prophecy, but neither was available for comment.