A DANCE group from Brighton were left Spinning Around when they were invited to meet a pop legend.

The team from 201 Dance Company, in Marine Parade, Brighton, were invited to meet Kylie Minogue and even made a video starring the Australian pop princess.

The dance troupe went viral last year when they made a video welcoming Britney Spears to the city for Pride.

And with Kylie coming to headline the LGBTQ+ celebration this year they thought they would do the same again.

This time, however, they got in touch with the singer to see if she would join them in their video.

Incredibly the pop star, who recently drew 100,000 people to her set at Glastonbury, agreed and invited the 201 team to her rehearsal space in London.

Patrick Collier, a producer at 201 said: “We got in touch with Kylie’s team and put a proposal to her for the video, asking if she wanted to get involved.

“She has been very supportive of the dance community and was very much up for it.

“She wasn’t able to get down to Brighton but she invited us to her rehearsal space.

“She was so positive about the video and seemed to really want to be involved with the build-up to Pride.”

The dancers, who filmed most of their video in the streets of Brighton, filmed some shots in front of Kylie’s green screen as the pop star danced with them.

Patrick said: “Kylie is such a pro, and such a lovely person. Having her involved made this a really special celebration of LGBTQ+ Brighton and meant so much to the dancers involved.”

Meeting the Australian star also meant a lot to 201 choreographer Andrea Walker, who grew up idolising her.

He said: “Kylie has been a massively influential artist in my life and my career. She shaped my adolescence and has stuck by me until today with all of her hits.

“She has always been outspoken about her support for the LGBTQ+ community.

“Growing up in Italy as a gay teen wasn’t easy, and Kylie’s support never went unnoticed to me, as I’m sure it didn’t to thousands other LGBTQ+ individuals around the world.

“We love you Kylie, thank you for your music, your talent, and for being the inspirational artist you are.”

The 201 Dance Company’s video can be viewed on The Argus website.