TWO theme parks have been named among the best in the country.

The two venues for days out are ranked in TripAdvisor’s best UK theme parks for 2019.

The adventure parks that have picked up the accolades are the Brighton Palace Pier and Harbour Park in Littlehampton.

The Travellers’ Choice Amusement and Water Parks 2019 list is put together using ratings from users of the websites.

Brighton’s Palace Pier takes eighth spot on the list, while Harbour Park comes in at ninth.

The Palace Pier is often regarded as one of the most popular tourist hotspots in the UK and its theme park has earned it a ranking on this list as well.

Meanwhile, Harbour Park, in Windmill Road, is a smaller set-up than some of the other parks on the list but is clearly very popular with visitors.

While well known theme parks like Paultons Park, in first, and Alton Towers, in tenth, make the list, attractions like Thorpe Park failed to make the top ten.

Palace Pier chief executive Anne Ackord said: “I don’t think we ever expect to be in the top ten - but we do always hope.

“We get lots of very positive reviews and we are delighted that it is recognised. Even though we are not technically a theme park, to be able to compete in theme park category is great.”