A CAB company is leading the charge to clean up a busy road.

City Cabs Brighton has installed striking flowerbeds in Queen’s Road to give visitors a good first impression of the city.

The taxi company worked with shopkeepers in the area and Moulsecoomb Forest Garden and Wildlife Project to plant the flowers.

Marketing chief for the company Stephen Darby said: “Seven and a half million people come to Brighton by train and see Queen’s Road as their first impression.

“We wanted to clear it up a bit.”

The initiative has been named Matthew’s Project, after the brother of City Cab founder Andy Cheesman.

Matthew was active with the Moulsecoomb Wildlife Project before he died last year.

Stephen said volunteers from the projects were crucial in setting up the flowerbeds.

He said: “They helped us plant everything.

“We got some recycled plastic lumber to decorate the beds.

“We also had sponsorships from Brighton and Hove Buses.

“After that we handed out watering cans to the shopkeepers and now they’re all taking turns looking after them.”

Stephen said the response from business owners and pedestrians has been positive.

“Every time I walk up there I see people talking about them,” he said.

“The shopkeepers are all working together to keep them in good shape.

“We were a bit worried about them getting vandalised.

“But other than a couple of incidents, the flowers are still there looking lovely and no one has caused any damage.”

Now City Cab wants to work with Brighton and Hove City Council to make the road a vibrant entrance to the city.

Stephen said: “If you go to other cities, the view from the train station is always great.

“But in Brighton that hasn’t always been the case with Queen’s Road because it’s such a busy street.

“We’re now working with the council to look at the next stages of improving Queen’s Road.

“We’d love to have the flowerbeds wrapped in something bright.”

City Cab is not the only company to push for improvements in Queen’s Road.

Govia Thameslink Railway, which manages Brighton Station, recently repainted its entrance hall.

City Cab is a member of the Tourism Alliance, which works with Visit Brighton to attract tourists to the city.

It is thought more than ten million visit the city each year.