ANTI-LGBT protesters have attempted to disrupt the Pride in Brighton parade.

The small group carried banners and flyers stating “Be sure your sin will find you out” and "Flee from the wrath to come...Remember Lot's wife."

The group said they Christians "in the fellowship of Christ".

The Argus:

Leader John Peter, 70, who travelled down to Brighton to attend the event, said: "There will be a universal judgement of the universe because of this, events like Pride.

"This, LGBT, is just erotic love.

"Everything people have done wrong, including LGBT activities, will receive eternal punishment."


Other LGBT+ groups were quick to condemn the stunt.

Crowds of Pride marchers gathered in front of the group to cheer and chant "God loves all". 

The Argus:

Dani Braithwaite told The Argus: "I love Jesus but I also love my boyfriend.

"It's 2019 and this protest is pointless. God spreads love."

A man dressed as a mermaid also stopped to twerk in front of the group.