DESPERATE toilet seekers have been left outraged after a shop started charging people to use the loo.

Hundreds of thousands of people have marched through Brighton today for the annual Pride parade.

And one shop along the route has been cashing in on people needing the toilet.

The Argus:

Cummin Up in Preston Circus has been asking party-goers for £2 to use the loo.

The restaurant was also accepting two euros.

Wtinesses described people tutting as they walked past.


One told The Argus: "It's a bit steep isn't it?"

Another said: "I can't tell if this is harsh or genius.

"The drinks have been flowing in the city so I bet people have been forced to pay up.

"It doesn't really seem in the spirit of things."

But one party-goer Sarah Elizabeth Hitchcock-Hulme said: "Shops don't need to let non-customers use the toilet anyway.

"I think £2 is fair play I think. They are cleaning up the mess after."

The store responded to the claims.

Cummin Up manager Leila Spencer said: "We are not run by a large company. We have to pay for everything.

"Flushing the toilet costs a lot of money and sends the water bill through the roof.

"Allowing people to use the toilet every two minutes, we definitely do need to charge.

"It only makes sense to do it, especially when larger companies are doing it as well, why shouldn't we?

"We have got many bills to pay and we are using this time to clear them.

"It's not as if we are pocketing the money. The toilet paper, bleach and paying a cleaner also costs money."

Costa was also charging £1 for the use of the toilet.

There is no law against charging for toilet use.

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