ARMED police have shut off a road in an ongoing major incident in Moulsecoomb.

Residents in Birdham Road, Moulsecoomb, are being told to stay inside their houses. 

Sussex Police say this is linked to reports of gunshots in the East Drive area of Queens Park, Brighton, at 10.30pm last night.  

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The Argus:

The centre of the police presence seems to be a house in Birdham Road. 

One resident said: “The road has been shut off.

“There are three armed response cars and an ambulance down there and the helicopter is overhead.

“Where I am, further down, there are three cars full of armed officers.

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“They’re roaming the streets and telling people to stay inside.”

Witnesses reported the police helicopter was hovering overhead.

The Argus:

One said that residents were looking confused and standing around in groups on the pavement. 

They said there are ten police cars and two dog units at the scene. 

Another witness said: "I looked out my window and saw a load of police pull up. 

"I came out into the street and armed police were stood there with guns."

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A Sussex Police spokesman said: "This is an operation linked to an incident last night.

"Police are investigating after gunshots were heard in the East Drive area of Queens Park in Brighton. 
"The report was made around 10.30pm on Sunday. 

"Officers have attended the area and are trying to establish the circumstances. 

"Anyone with information or who saw or heard anything is asked to contact police on 999 or online quoting serial 1712 of 04/08."

Burning car 

In a separate incident happening at the same time police and fire engines were called to The Avenue, a few streets away, where a car with smoke pouring from the engine could be seen rammed up against a large tree which had been felled.

A large crowd of residents are looking on as three police cars, two fire engines and an ambulance attend.

The Argus:

The dark blue VW Polo was badly damaged at the front and the air bag had gone off. 

Witnesses report a strong smell of "acrid smoke".

The Argus:

A young man, who looked in his early 20s, has been removed from the car, put in a neck brace and transferred to the waiting ambulance which is still at the scene.

Neighbours said the car was on fire. 

One said: "I was watching telly when I heard an almighty bang.

"I came out and this was what I was confronted with, it was quite shocking.

"You can see the airbag has deployed so hopefully the driver is OK.

"The car was on fire, neighbours were running out with buckets trying to put it out.

"Somebody had to drag the driver out of the way because he was lying next to it."

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Raymond Ridpath, 78, called fire and ambulance.

He said: "All I heard was a big thump. I went to my window and saw the car had hit the tree.

“Then the front burst into flames.

“Fortunately about two or three of the neighbours came out with buckets of water.

“The neighbours then moved him towards the ambulance.

“They were obviously worried the car would explode.”

Police said the two incidents are not connected.

'Arrest' at The Level

Armed police have also been pictured at The Level in Brighton where it isn’t reported that one person had been detained.

The Argus:

CREDIT: Rob Carron

Police said this is an ongoing incident which is not linked to the events in Moulsecoomb.

The Argus: