IT HAS been another fantastic week of pictures from our Camera Club members.

We certainly love our nature photos here at The Argus and we have been spoiled this week.

Dominic Ellett took a great photo of some hay bales at sunset in Angmering, while Nadine Tomkins snapped a pair of sly foxes in the wild.

Meanwhile Danka Pogorzelec took a stunning close-up of a bee and Michelle Jackson found two cute cygnets.

It was also good to see the joy on the faces of the Brighton Skies members as they posed for a picture for Louise Yates.

As you should hopefully know, our August Camera Club competition is well under way after Ian Murphy won our impromptu July contest.

The theme for August is “magical moments”, as suggested by loyal member Sue Barnett.

Details can be found on the Argus Camera Club Facebook page.

The prize will be the usual £50 cheque, as well as the fantastic book The Extraordinary Daddy-Long-Legs Railway of Brighton, courtesy of Amberley Publishing.

To join in on the fun, join our Argus Camera Club at

You can submit your photos and share tips and tricks with fellow enthusiastic snappers.

Our membership has recently hit 800 and is growing still.