WHILE some pubs are closing their doors, one has just celebrated its 25th anniversary.

The Wellington in Elm Grove, Brighton, spent Pride weekend celebrating a quarter of a century in business.

While Pride-goers were busy watching Kylie and having parties, a group of die hard patrons were at The Wellington for a Hawaiian-themed bash.

The event included plenty of music, dancing and even hula-hooping.

On Sunday the pub hosted a big barbecue.

The woman who has been at the helm of The Wellington for the past 25 years is Nadia Burtenshaw.

She said things may have changed since she opened in 1994 but the job is still as rewarding as ever.

She said: “Things in the pub industry have totally changed, all across the country, since we first opened.

“We used to close at 2.30pm because it was quiet and then open again at 7.30pm.

“But now we are working full days from 11am to midnight every day of the week.

“You just have to adapt to it and go with the flow.

“As with any job there’s ups and downs but we’ve really enjoyed it.”

Nadia said Pride did distract some of the regulars but most dropped in to congratulate the team on 25 years.

According to Nadia, the secret to the pub’s longevity is giving people what they want.

She said: “Most of our customers are local, although we have a few who come from Woodingdean.

“It’s a friendly local boozer.

“We know most of our customers by name and drink, and they know us as well.

“We’ve not changed, we’ve stuck to what our customers want.

“We don’t play loud music or anything like that.

“We are a place where people can come for a drink and chat with their friends.

“We are not looking to go anywhere any time soon – but I’m not sure if I’ll be behind the bar with my Zimmer frame in another 25 years.”