“YOU’VE got to be joking.”

That was the main reaction when The Argus asked men on the streets of Brighton to try out a new lipstick designed specifically for males.

It has been created by Brighton company Men’s Make Up UK (MMUK).

Founder Alex Dalley said the product, which is a nude colour, was long lasting and “more about texture than look”.

So our reporter took the lipstick, which costs £21, on to the city streets to see what men made of it.

Dozens dismissed it out of hand.

Responses included “absolutely not son”, “you’ve got to be joking” and “not in this life”.

But builder Charlie Devall, 19, was happy to try it.

Charlie, who is from North Wales but is currently working in Brighton, said: “I don’t see what the big deal is.

“It doesn’t feel too bad. It’s quite subtle anyway.”

Brightonian Roger Tofts, 69, has worn lipstick many times, usually bright red.

“This takes me back,” he said, puckering his lips.

“It doesn’t feel any different to normal lipstick really.

“It’s nice, the colour blends well and the consistency is good.

“I’d pay £15 for this.”

Musician Arthur Griffiths, 20, who also lives in the city, was impressed by its “smooth feel” and “natural tones”.

He said: “For the brief time it was on my face it felt quite nice. I’d pay £6 for it.”

Pianist Mark Campbell, a fellow Brightonian said: “It’s liberating.

“It’s brought out my inner woman. Do I have to rub it off?”

Alex Dalley said the main difference between his product and lipstick for women was that it is matte.

He said: “It doesn’t have much shine. Most women’s lipstick has a lot of shine.

“We also put chemicals in it to make it really long lasting.

“Most men don’t have the patience to top up their make up products on a regular basis.”

Alex set up Men’s Make Up UK in 2012 and the company now sells more than 100 products, all cruelty free, to 15 countries.

He said: “I had bad acne as a teenager and struggled to find products made for men.

“I used to use my mum’s foundation and other bits as well.

“When I was at university my mates would come and borrow my stuff to cover their spots.

“That gave me the idea of setting up the company for men’s make up.”

The company currently trades online but he hopes it will soon have a shop in the city centre.

He said: “We are looking at spaces in Duke Street.

“There are lots of barber shops and men’s health stores in the area, it’s a good place to be.”