ABOUT 30 jobs are at risk after staff were informed a short-stay care home could close.

Staff at Knoll House, which cares for elderly patients recovering from surgery, were told at a Tuesday the home would be merging with the Craven Vale facility.

Both homes are run by Brighton and Hove City Council but care is provided by Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust.

The trust originally informed the city council it was pulling out nursing and therapy staff from both homes back in April.

But now new plans could see Knoll House, in Ingram Crescent West, Hove, closing and its staff merging with Craven Vale’s.

Councillor Clare Moonan, who is in charge of health, said the council aimed to have “no compulsory redundancies”.

She said: “Staff at Knoll House and Craven Vale have provided superb care and support to many people and their families over the years.

“But now that the nursing care has been withdrawn, the units are currently not being well used.

“We’re holding open over 30 vacancies at two other council-run care facilities in the city.

“And we’ll be supporting affected staff at Knoll House and Craven Vale to seek redeployment to these posts.”

Cllr Moonan said the council will not sell Knoll House and will explore how it can be used in the city. I urge all staff at Knoll House and Craven Vale to engage with the consultation process so that all their options can be clearly explained,” she added.

Knoll House cares for patients for ten to 20 days before discharging them.

More than 90 employees work for both Knoll House and Craven

Vale, which is in Craven Road, Brighton.

Brighton GMB secretary Mark Turner said some staff could lose hours and pay if plans go ahead.

He said: “These workers could lose valuable pay if the homes are merged.

“We’re doing our best to make sure staff’s pay is protected.

“Unfortunately the council’s pay protection policy doesn’t protect those who are losing hours, so their earnings could be cut as soon as their hours are cut.

“These are nurses earning low wages.”

Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust was contacted for comment but did not respond in time for publication.

The news comes after Conservative councillors Dawn Barnett and Mary Mears blasted the move to pull staff out of the units.