STAFF at a cheese shop said they were “completely at a loss” after they were given two hours notice to leave their jobs.

La Cave a Fromage, in Western Road, Hove, closed its doors on Thursday for good.

The store, described on its website as “the world’s third most amazing cheese shop”, had recently been broken into.

Despite being told their jobs were secure, the workers were suddenly given two hours to leave.

James Edwards, 27, said: “We are all just a bit stunned.

“I have built my life here and I might have to pack up and move back to Wales where my family are.

“I have £20 in my pocket and not a clue how I am going to pay this month’s bills.”

James said his landlord depends on his rent for living so he is currently in fear of being kicked out.

He said: “All of us have worked long hours and this is what they do to us? It’s shocking.”

Alex Griffin, who has been working in the cheese industry for three years was in tears when she heard.

“We were called in for a ‘staff meeting’ at 10am on Thursday, and told we had to be out by 12pm,” she said.

“It was brutal to be honest. It wasn’t the manager’s fault, he was just the messenger, but we were dropped, just like that.”

The 28-year-old, who is looking to make a career in the cheese industry, believes the closure is due to financial issues.

She said: “We knew they were having some difficulties, but then we were told our jobs were secure.”

Itsvan Dabronyi, 27, was alone in the shop the day they were broken into.

He was assaulted and injured by the burglar while trying to protect the shop.

He said: “There was no ‘thank you’ from the owners after. I put myself at risk when this happened and they haven’t seemed to acknowledged it, or our hard work because they do this to us.”

The three said they were upset at not being able to say goodbye to regular customers.

Alex said: “We had so many lovely people coming in during our time working there, one woman called Lady Hayes used to bring things in for us.

“We just want to say thank you to all of them and sad we can’t say our proper goodbyes”

The directors of La Cave said: “The decision to close Hove is due to factors over the past few weeks.”