ON THIS day ten years ago The Argus went to meet the man who was shedding pounds for an unlikely debut in mixed martial arts. We caught up with a Sussex cricket star on the beach and went to some newly renovated offices

Sussex Cricket Club player Dwayne Smith dressed up on Brighton seafront ahead of the TwentyTwenty final

Dwayne went on the carousel in his cowboy outfit, but nobody is quite sure why.

Next up is Gavin O’Mally-Richardson, left, of Hassocks who was embarking on an ‘unfit to fight fit’ challenge. Here he is pictured with trainer and ZT Fight Skool owner Sol Gilbert

Gavin, 37, was training to take part in a mixed martial arts fight at ZT

He had no experience and was filming the six-month regime for his film company

Victorian buildings were converted into the Taramount Studios in Shoreham and are now home to a variety of traders

Paul Derby runs a graphics art business at the building and John Barns of MS Cycle Hire also works at the studio