ASDA workers say they could be sacked if they don’t sign contracts that cut holidays and abolish paid breaks.

New contract conditions will see workers no longer paid for breaks and forced to work bank holidays in return for £9.00 per hour pay rates, trade union GMB said.

They say the contract had previously been voluntary for staff – but members now say they are being strong-armed into signed the new deal.

One staff member revealed she will lose eight days’ annual leave and be left £500 a year worse off under 'contract 6'.

A Q&A leaflet given to workers outlines Asda’s plan to get rid of workers who don’t want to sign up to the new terms.

It states: “You will have a number of 121s with your manager. As part of the 121 process, we hope you agree to move to the new contract.

"If you still don’t want to sign up to the new contract after those 121s, at that stage, we would issue notice to terminate your employment on your existing terms and conditions.

“We will offer to re-engage you on the new terms. If you choose not to accept the new terms, you would leave the business.”

Asda is owned by US retail conglomerate Walmart, one of the world’s largest companies.

The approach was dubbed “strong-arm tactics” by the GMB trade union.

The GMB said: "In a recent consultative ballot, 93 per cent of respondents told GMB that they did not agree with the contract changes which were being forced on them.

The union is staging a mass protest in response to the contract changes.