CREDIT where credit is due, as they say.

The city council is brave and right to consult residents on parking near to The Amex stadium.

It is obviously an issue that needs to be addressed but cannot be sorted out easily. And it will be very difficult to please everyone.

There are already apparently people making a quick buck out of the current arrangement, as we report on page 9, so this can’t be right.

We have reported heavily on how much money the football club is bringing into the city. The amounts are eye-watering.

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The club, it’s fair to say, has the support of the city.

We all want it to do well. So we need to find a way for all the fans to be able to get to the stadium for each home match that does not upset people.

That is not to say that what the Albion needs has to come above everything else. But let’s hope the support will remain huge and the stadium will continue to be full.

So we need to find a way that does not cause a stir in Coldean and other nearby areas.

The trains and buses are pretty full already, but they are the answer.

We can’t make the roads bigger. And the electric bike is becoming more popular too.

Maybe we will see hordes in blue and white stripes flying up Lewes Road each Saturday, at their 16mph speed, also happily getting a bit of exercise in the process.

Whatever happens, good luck to those working on the consultation. You are going to need it.

And all of us can help. By being honest and doing what we can to reduce the numbers fighting for a parking space on matchdays.