OH DEAR. Having put pen to paper (finger to keyboard) to express my support for cycling I find that I have attracted the ire of two local curmudgeons with long-held, and oft repeated, anti-cycling views.

Mr Armstrong has said that he welcomes debate but then he again advocates having registration plates on bikes.

Did he not read my letter?

I fully explained the impracticality of this suggestion with different types of bike, wide ranges of size with many bikes being child size, nowhere to put a number plate etc.

What would the cost be of this ridiculous scheme?

Why stop at cyclists, make pedestrians wear a visible sign of identity.

Of course pedestrians do not cause major accidents or fatalities but neither do cyclists.

Cars and other motorised vehicles do which is why they have to be regulated.

I do not condone the bad cyclists who go through lights etc but are they that much of a menace?

There are bad drivers as well and the consequences of their actions are far more dangerous.

It is unfortunate but we will always have some bad behaviour on our roads.

Cycling is healthy and a cheap mode of transport and is becoming very popular locally.

The cycle lanes are well used, oh yes they are Mr Waters, and some are off road.

I seem to have got caught up in a meaningless debate as the anti-cycling lobby are clearly far too entrenched in their views to accept my reasoning.

I think I have something better to do with my time, now where is my bike.

Geoff Fowler-Tutt,

St Heliers Avenue, Hove