A BLIND cat rescued from the streets has been given a new lease of life in a loving new home.

LooLoo, a two-year-old shorthair, now loves playing in the garden with her new owners in Woodingdean, Brighton.

A year ago her fortunes were very different – she was living on the streets in Egypt and lost her eye to cat flu.

Her prospects looked bleak.

That was until she was saved by a rescue charity and placed on a rehoming website in the hope of finding someone to look after her.

And despite being more than 2,000 miles away, Woodingdean couple Anne Clarke, 49, and Noel Wilkins, 48, stepped forward.

They chose to adopt LooLoo based on just her picture and a brief description.

Talking about picking up their newest family member from Heathrow Airport, Ms Clarke said: “We went up there to pick her up and she was so sweet the minute we saw her.

“She was really calm on the journey home, we couldn’t believe how quickly she settled.

“She wasn’t strange with us, she was just very loving and all she wants is love, attention and cuddles.”

LooLoo loves to play and roll around in the grass in the garden.

Her hair, which was matted and dull, has now “blossomed”.

And the once-shy cat is now “much more confident”.

Ms Clarke said: “Her blindness doesn’t hold her back, it’s us who need eyes in the back of our head.

“She will try and explore everywhere and once she gets a sniff of the outdoors, there’s no turning back.

“She rolls around in the grass and listens to the seagulls. It’s adorable.

“She is more like a dog than a cat and will follow us around the house and walk to heel.

“She also loves to play with her ping pong ball and can track it bouncing around the room with astounding accuracy for a blind cat.”

LooLoo has now been with her loving owners for nine months, living with two other cats.

But there are many more cats from overseas that still need loving homes.

Many of them can be found on the charity website worldanimalfriends.co.uk.

Ms Clarke, who rehomed LooLoo through the website said: “It’s very straightforward. We filled in an adoption form online and a lady came round for a home visit to make checks

“We then got a date when she was coming.

“All the cats are vaccinated and spayed.

“People buy from breeders but you have no idea what kind of background they could have.”