VEGAN activists stormed McDonald’s corporate office in San Francisco to demand it condemn a court case against a Brighton protester.

The group of about a dozen American activists from Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) live-streamed the event online.

In the video, chanting protesters confront staff and shout “it’s not a happy meal, it’s violence” in the hallway.

The DxE protesters are part of the same organisation targeting McDonald’s, supermarkets and independent stores in Brighton and Hove.

After getting into the building unchecked and knocking on the office’s door, the group confront a McDonald’s worker.

A protester said: “I’m here with a group of concerned people from Direct Action Everywhere and we’re coming to the McDonald’s office today because there is one person in the UK who is going to trial.

“We wanted to come to the McDonald’s in the bay area to see if they would make a statement condemning these charges.”

The bewildered worker then gets a colleague, who says to the group: “How did you guys get up here first? Can I ask that question?

“The security normally calls us to let us know if we have any visitors.

“You can leave some information and we can pass it on but no one in the office can assist with that.”

After the door was closed, the protesters gathered in the hallway and shouted slogans.

These included “it’s not milk, it’s violence” and “it’s not food, it’s violence”.

One worker can be seen walking past the group as they shout “there’s no excuse for animal abuse”.

At another point, an activist asks a staff member, who is frantically entering the door’s security code, if she can speak to her.

One staff member joins the group in the building’s lift and confronts them on their behaviour, claiming their actions were distressing staff.

Matthew McKeefry, of Berkeley, California, who organised the protest said: “McDonald’s is desperate to protect its facade of happy animals sold for a cheap price.

“But ordinary people, including McDonald’s customers, support compassion for animals, not animal cruelty.

“It’s time McDonald’s drops the charges and opens its farm doors to give consumers the truth and transparency they deserve.”

Brighton members of Direct Action Everywhere have been targeting businesses in the city for more than a year.

They have stormed Jamie Oliver’s Restaurant in Brighton, Greggs, Hisbe supermarket, McDonald’s and Tesco in Hove.